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About Us

Fresh runs in the family. At Fresh Valley Foods, we know the importance of serving the highest quality fruits and vegetables to those you love. Our family has worked tirelessly to ensure our produce is held to the highest standard. And with nearly 100 years of experience in the fresh-cut industry, we've set the bar high. We strive to make sure each step in the process, from locally sourcing our crop to distributing it to our vendors, is worthy of the Fresh Valley name. From natural fruit juices to grab-and-go packs, Fresh Valley has been the premier proprietor of great produce since 2009.


Fresh Valley Foods is located at  447 West Lowell Avenue in Haverhill, MA. We occupy a 30,000 sq. ft. modern HACCP facility.


We employ a fleet of trucks & tractor trailers to deliver fresh product 7 days per week.


We employ 80 full time production employees in 2 shifts and produce fresh product 6 days per week.

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